User Guide
  • 1. uReply

    A student response system for use with mobile devices, with multiple question types for classroom interactions, classroom activities or ‘games’.

  • 2. Presenter

    Combine traditional presentations with realtime questions to get instant feedback. The matching mobile application remote-controls slides and does quick lecture recordings.

  • 3. Game

    Run many kinds of interactive classroom activities.

  • 4. Feedback
  • 5. Logout
  • 1. Single Item

    Create a uReply session to ask questions one by one.

  • 2. Multiple Items

    Create a uReply session to ask many questions in form of a quiz.

  • 3. Question Bank

    Create and edit pre-set questions before class.

  • 4. Report

    Review records of past uReply sessions.

  • 1. Search

    Filter the presentation lists by keyword.

  • 2. Upload

    Supported formats: PDF (recommended), PPT and PPTX.

  • 3. Live Session List

    To play or end a session.

  • 4. Presentation List

    To start, edit, rename or delete a presentation.

  • 1. Group Competition

    Students form groups to answer questions. Their individual scores are added to the group score.

  • 2. Speed Challenge

    Students compete to answer questions as quickly and correctly as possible.

  • 3. Peer Review

    Students’ open-ended replies are randomly distributed to their peers for commenting and scoring.

  • 4. Level Challenge

    Students lose a 'life' if they pass or answer a question wrongly. Those who use up all their lives will be disqualified and will not be able to move on.

  • 5. Pick or Random

    Teachers can pick a student to answer your question. Pick from the students list or let the system randomly pick a student for you.

  • 6. Hand Raising

    Students click the 'raise hand' to indicate they want to answer. Then, the teacher chooses or random-picks one of them.

  • 7. Peer Instruction

    Students are asked to discuss their answers after attempting a question. Then they are asked the same question again to see whether they have learnt from discussing with each other.